Hosted repos
berlekamp.gitA simple manual implementation of the Berlekamp algorithm. JSDurand7 months
bonmark.gitBookmarks for Bongo playlists, like virtual playlists. JSDurand18 months
ccs.gitContent Chasing Storage for Emacs. JSDurand2 years
cw.gitSelect windows using completion. JSDurand2 years
ear.gitEmacs, Audio, and Rust JSDurand10 months
emacsd.gitThis repository holds my configurations for Emacs. I used to store this in GitL...JSDurand7 weeks
eps.gitA parser generator written for Emacs JSDurand2 years
grading.gitHelper functions to give grades to students homeworks and tests. JSDurand4 months
kui-yo-package.gitThe requirements for Kui Yo to use an editor in a daily manner. JSDurand3 years
morv.gitMultiple virtual files in one real file. JSDurand16 months
rep.gitParser generator for Emacs written in Rust JSDurand11 months
reparchive.gitRust, Emacs, and Parsers JSDurand22 months
rten-brel.gitA parser generator for Emacs JSDurand3 years
rumu.gitA simple music converter / generator written in Rust. JSDurand23 months
sheet-player.gitA simple program that converts plain text music sheet to audio files. JSDurand3 years
sort.gitThe sample codes for the assignment I of the course Combinatorics. By Chun-Wei ...JSDurand16 months